Monday, November 1, 2010

Greener Pastures Do Not Get Any Greener Than This!

I am a Nigerian and I laugh my lungs out when people are charging out of Nigeria, abroad in search of greener pastures. What? I tell you, any wise man would agree also that; greener pastures do not get any greener than this. And this is not another patriotic I love Nigeria pieces, even though I love Nigeria (who wouldn’t?) but the Nigerian economy and consumer market is one of the most supportive on planet earth. Nigerians have a golden buying behaviour which is the delight of anyone offering a good product. You know why? Nigerians do not necessarily buy to meet needs, they buy to keep in with vougue/trend. Trend is one of the greatest determinant of consumption. Nigerians buy for prestige and recognition and there is nothing wrong with that: it is our culture; it is our nature and we are proud of it. Some people buy only one shoe, one car, one house et al, Nigerians just keep buying as long as there is money to be spent! Priceless.

The average Nigerian is not tailored for austerity, it is foreign to him because austerity is only imposed by condition and is not supported by our innate nature. A Nigerian student would have four phones, a Nigerian business man would have twelve houses in the same city (and he is not into real estate). A Nigerian politician would have a fleet of over twenty five cars…my my, what a market! In foreign countries there is a lot of talk about credits and down payments but in Nigeria, that concept is relatively new; so when you see a Nigerian with houses, cars, clothes, phones et al, it is more likely that he bought it! No loans, credits and borrowing; cash down! When the rest of the world open stores, they advertise: “Credit facility available, come in and let’s talk.” The defiant Nigerian puts this: “No credit today, come tomorrow” and when you come tomorrow the same sign is still there!

For the manufacturer, seller, marketer and custodian of buyable goods, when you enter the Nigerian market I tell you, you have come home. If you doubt me, ask MTN, Nokia, Toyota, Samsung, Cocacola, Pepsi and so many more, that I would need a million paged book to mention.

Nigeria? It does not get any greener than this!

“Now let me bring your mind to how you can take advantage of this for yourself because you would never be taught this in school and sadly even the foreign motivational literature would not tell you this either, so apparently it is exclusive information so pay attention as I continue in part 2 of this article”

Waiting in Tomorrow

Napoleon Hill has put it most precisely for us all: Think and Grow Rich! As simple as that sounds, it is the greatest truth about the acquisition of wealth till date. Through the years this thought has been refined in volumes of books, journals and motivational speeches and I would hope to do the same, though from a different angle which I am sure would be very illuminating for you. First, come with me on a journey through history.

As it has been, so it is and ever shall be; though the last time you heard these words may have been at the close of a catholic mass after the benediction and followed with a thunderous -Amen- it is so true about success and wealth acquisition also. This truth makes it possible and even expedient for people to understand history and trends in a bid to predict the future. So, away with crystal balls, good luck charms and destiny altering portions, look at the world you live in, think and grow rich…very rich.

The most successful people in the world today are those who have perfected the art of what I call; waiting in tomorrow. How do they do this? The majority of people in the world and probably you (until you read this article) are waiting for the future while the top two percent in the ranks and file of success are waiting in it. Let me explain what I mean briefly: In primitive times, when the early man was fascinated to rub rocks together and get a spark from which they could develop a fire to either cook, light up their environment, warm themselves or even dance around for fun, some men were discovering Iron. Soon the rest got the hang of it and started putting together iron for different purposes. Iron was heavy and hazardous, so while some were enduring the accompanying stress of this new discovery and some others were cursing the heavens for such a burden of a resource, some were discovering Steel. Steel seemed to solve the problem of the world in its day but since that is not possible, it did not. But steel was good, very good. So the history recorded greats like Andrew Carnegie who made ‘magic’ with steel. Then came the multitude; steel, steel steel but not for long as some were off to use implements of steel and iron to dig the grand for yet another discovery of their tomorrow: Oil! John D. Rockafella. Does that name ring a bell, the richest man in the world in recorded history! He was waiting in tomorrow with oil when the rest of the world soon came for this bounty merchandise (Note, he did not discover oil, he packaged it for enterprise. And that is a very big point right there). Then came the oil booms that made several resource blessed countries, like my home country (Nigeria) rich but by then some were already off to tomorrow! What was in tomorrow? Information technology. In the last ten years, Williams (Bill) Gates has been the world’s richest man more often than not. When people were fighting for oil blocks (nothing wrong with that), and some others were bunkering oil, this way and that, he and some others were waiting in the future. Now everybody needs I.T solutions, interestingly even the oil bunkers!

The world is fast paced, around the world, mostly in developed countries I.T has gained its deserved recognition and I tell you it is an amazing field of endless possibilities. However in developing countries this industry is still picking up momentum and I tell you, if you have the faintest passion for I.T get in and get in now.

Also let me bring your mind to this interesting word called; Patience. Some feel patience is waiting today for a brighter tomorrow and there is nothing really wrong with that only that there is something better; let me suggest this to you, how about waiting in tomorrow for the rest the world to get there and ask you for directions when they come? Sounds to me like a better place to wait!

Observe, explore, notice, measure, anticipate, judge. Times change and trends take up large amounts of money from the pockets of many, my question to you is this who is going to offer the next trend? And who is going to be merely buying and gloating in the fa├žade of being trendy? Friends and readers, think and grow rich! Find something that would sell in tomorrow by discovering creative ways to improve what is available today or simply introducing something totally new and extremely useful. And if you live in a developing country, all the better! (???Check out my article titled; Greener pastures do not get any greener than these).

I wish you all the best in your life endeavours. Talk to you soon. Or you can talk to me, leave a comment below and we would have started a potentially super instrumental conversation.

Brian Oji.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Greatness Sprouts Again!

The seed of greatness is in all of God’s children! The seed. A seed contains the full life capabilities of a fully matured tree in it; it is full of potential and when located in the right environment it must germinate! A seed does not produce the fruits of its physical environment whether soil, water or sunlight, it produces its intrinsic value, its innate framework, its inner substances. So it does not matter what you are faced with today, just keep in mind the quality of life that is within that seed that is growing in you. From platform to platform, unique opportunity to unique opportunity, challenge to challenge the seed is growing. Contrary winds would drive its roots deeper, supporting winds would stretch its branches farther… so for you no matter the time or season you are winning - the seed of greatness is in you and that seed would produce only after its own kind. Do not use careless words and alliances to dig up your sprouting seed rather with faith, perseverance, diligence and the consiousness of favour, live out a life of greatness on all sides. As the tree extends its roots and branches, the same quality of life is extended. Think about it, you can extend that greatness to all fronts of your life, what is in you is a seed of greatness so as you expand it in your family life, business, finances and other responsibilities, the same greatness runs through all that have to do with you! You can be great on all fronts - the seed of greatness is in you: the quality that makes all things you get involved with great is at work in you today. God, in Christ has put the seed of greatness in everyone of his kids. So next time you are about to take a leap forward in business and life, expect victories because that seed of greatness is about to extend yet another branch! Halleluyah! Thank Him for this great blessing.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Heaven in your Heart

I just want you to know today that what you carry in your mind: that vision, that dream, the idea, the possibilities…are all too valuable. More valuable than one man’s idea or one man’s success story. That idea would bring solution to many, joy to many and opportunities to many more. What you carry in your heart is more than a vision, it is another man’s salvation. For you, you may have another great idea but for another, you carry his Heaven in your heart. Today, companies, large corporations, small businesses and sole proprietorships employ people in their thousands, hundreds, tens and less; these ones provide, not only salaries and compensation but also benefits of various quality.

When you think about the child who is excited to have his fees paid at school, or the mother excited about a new house; the man who can have his needs met, the woman who can live her style, when you think of comfort, healthcare, achievements, respect and recognition which is created for many by that great job or partnership, which you can provide some day, that turned their fortunes around, you would realize that you carry someone’s heaven in you. Project yourself into the future and see many others whom in your heart lives their source of wealth and prestige, see these ones who you carry their heaven in you.

Now you know you cannot give up on that dream or let that challenge overwhelm you because you carry heaven in you. Your idea would make you rich, but not you alone, so many others who your leadership style, your partnership offerings and market positioning is rightly suited for their wiring. You are the breakthrough many would pray for, you are the answer many would seek, the solution many would look to; the custodian of life changing collaborations and fortune multiplying partnerships, so hold your picture, you carry heaven in you.

Yes you may think a lot for other people and care enough not to leave them empty but know also that you carry your own heaven in you: the good life, your dream house, your perfect family, the prestige you both desire and deserve…all connected to that single idea, that vision that consumes you today or once consumed you yesterday. Now pick your hopes up, strengthen your vision, challenge yourself with the possibilities of the future and resolve to win; not just to give your best shot but to do what you must, to achieve what you see: that heaven that is alive in your heart.

Friday, October 22, 2010


I love sitting and listening to wise words; I believe great men and women are made by words. On 7th December 2008, I sat to listen to my favourite speaker in all the world: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome ( As always, his words were full of light and power; power to lift, strengthen and excite. Today I want to share some of his words from that meeting with you and I am sure that strength would come to your soul.

“You could be whatever you chose to be by the ability of the gospel of Jesus Christ. God’s perfect will is for you to decide. The Bible is a programmer. Know that the extent of your vision is the boundary of your blessing, accomplishment, victories and ultimately, your life. Do not let human judgment destroy your life and you despise no one because it does not matter what people say, anyone the Holy Spirit is pleased to dwell in is clean! And can be anything he wants to be.”

“When you study the Word of God, you are cleansed. To be cleansed before God is to have his word purify your soul. That word from God that melts guilt, fear, weakness and passed failures, replacing them with righteousness, faith and strength. The more of the spirit of God at work in you, the less the things of this world can affect you.”

Are you inspired? I am. Now I am thinking of releasing a journal titled; inspiration that would be loaded with words like these; words so precious; words that make ordinary men great!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Eastern PRIDE

Rulers and kings, not of nations and cities but of the jungle where civilization has been turned on its head and morality is foreign and perfectly unnatural. Aba, the local manufacturers’ paradise has been turned into a ghost town ruled by the barrel of guns; reduced to a land of fear, grief, immorality and sorrow. That is what happens when rulers fit only for the jungle begin ruling cities; even the greatest of cities would crumble in the embrace of sudden night. I have heard stories of despicable acts; sons forced to lie with their mothers at gun point, children having their intestines line the streets from radical, uncontrolled shooting by which these beasts in human skin assert dominance over their colonised territory.

You cruel pride of a demonic breed of blood thirsty lion-men with no hearts, I call you this day to reckon; the blood on your hands, the iniquity you have nurtured and your faulty excuses of unemployment would find you out and destroy you accordingly. Though my heart bleeds for your unborn descendants on whom you have placed an irrevocable curse, I also pray that their lives would right your wrongs and give this jungle its brighter days again. We have seen guns, we have seen kidnappings, we have seen violence, not that they are justifiable but they had a reason. In the Niger-delta, they fought for their rights and the dilapidation that embraces the source of the nation’s wealth, in the North many have fought in ignorant defense of religion; with more light and knowledge this should soon be history (because Northerners are very wonderful people), but this evil Pride, you operate in the commercial nerve centre of Abia state, the biggest indigenous manufacturers market in Nigeria, the centre of buying and selling for economic advantage and you chose to abandon both your shops and your schools to bushes where you romance wickedness and invite death and darkness to your own lands. I am amazed at your folly and I still ask you this question; to what end?