Monday, January 19, 2009

The First Business Plan... things change.




Exis provides professional business development advice for new and existing businesses and creates required business documents such as business plans, business proposals, business profiles and ideas packaging.

In providing these services, Exis has taken advantage of innovative publicity campaigns and one-on-one marketing to attract clients. Our competitive edge is our high regard for our clients’ time and business goals as well as our defined focus, assembly of bright minds and power of packaging.

Despite the competitive market, Exis is in high demand as it goes closet to the individual client to ensure optimum satisfaction for clients through one-on-one problem solving/ servicing which none of the other competitors provide. Exis current client base exist in three categories: New businesses, young businesses and developed companies. Exis provides unique packages for these three categories.


Exis is a business development and consultancy firm that provides professional advice in business to help businesses develop a corporate strategy, increase organizational effectiveness and monitor growth. Exis also helps business starters and growing business prepare business plans and proposals in documents that properly articulate their objectives and prospects of the client.


Exis primarily provides clients with a clearer perspective to their business pursuits by giving professional advice and rendering such services as business plan writing, business proposal writing, industry and market research and financial analysis/forecast. These services are specially packaged and tailored to individual client’s needs. Our clients are mostly attracted to our unorthodox presentation of facts and use of easy everyday language to explain complex business verities. Also, Exis emphasizes attractive packaging of business documents which makes the client more endearing to prospective funders or business associates. As such Exis clients are satisfied with easy understanding of their business environments and the expressive articulation of their business’ strong points and value.


Exis staff base is made up of these portfolios:

i. Consultant/Business Strategist: Involved in brainstorming with Exis clients, prepares business documents and writes business expansion proposals to prospective clients.

ii. Public Relations Manager: Handles correspondence between Exis, her clients and prospective clients. Also organizes Exis marketing efforts and looks out for trade fairs and other opportunities for brand representation and marketing.

iii. Publicity/Media Manager: Manages radio programs, chooses accurate publicity media, handles production of publicity materials like hand books, television commercials, stickers etc. Also manages the interactive Exis website.

iv. Marketers: Contract staff managed by Public Relations manager. Handle one-on-one publicity for Exis within schools and other institutions.

The current Head Consultant/Business Strategist, Brian Ebube Oji was the Chief Strategy Executive of Rise Interactive, a youth advocacy and consultancy firm. He was the publisher/editor of motivational periodical: Inversion Campus Voice. He was also on the editorial board of Rise Youth Guide, a youth interest magazine and Rise Networks, an interactive youth online community. Recently, he has been involved in providing strategic assistance to a number of start-off businesses and young existing companies. His concerns are company structuring, revenue maximization, business communications, market analysis, expansion prospects and human resource development.

Here are some of our recent clients;



University of Lagos, Akoka

  • Proposals

Perolami Ventures, Yaba

  • Business Profile,
  • Organizational effectiveness,
  • Business Catalogue

Glory Heights Schools, Akute

  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Proposals

Thalamz Clothing Co. Ltd

  • Business Plan,
  • Business Proposals

Gosch Technologies, Ikeja

  • Corporate Strategy,
  • Proposals,
  • Business Plan

The Recline Show.

  • Idea Packaging
  • Proposal

Meticulous, a Television Show

  • Script Writing
  • Proposal

Yomak Advertising Company

  • Business Profile
  • Proposal

The Winner first tried.

Our Organization

Friends, since we have formed a synergy that would not only witness but create the greatest educational evolutionary tool from our part of the World, I thought, as one who holds the reins, that we should totally comprehend the nature of the idea with which we have to do. Our understanding of the dept of resources that forms our storehouse for this project would leave us all in no doubt as to the enormity and possibility of our every endeavor.

Our Organization, as we are called, at this time, is simply a team of innovative and daring Africans who have moved convention upward by remodeling our educational system to promote synergy beyond the boundaries of the physical walls of learning institutions by agency of the Internet. In plain English, we build Open Course Wares for schools and create a linking system for all students and lecturers through a value adding online social network. With this, we can link every student one to another and do the same for lecturers creating noting less than an environment of massive learning: an explosion of sorts, if you may. We also link various schools making subject specialties of wider benefit and communication, seamless.

Also bear in mind that it would take us a couple of months to have a standing workable application and business. In that time, my friends, all we have is a dream, our passion and oneness. I expect this would be a journey of wit, heart and might. Let us express the highest of our creativity and goodness for that is all the world really wants to know about you. Do be careful to observe the uniqueness of everyone in the team, there is no need to tolerate or understand, just believe. Let us consume our hearts with possibilities and speed of accomplishment. Trying to live together takes time and if you ever find yourself trying; get busy!

I hail from the school that puts forth the creed: Anything is Possible! Do join me on this one and trust me, the fact that you are reading this note, as part of the team, you already believe it. Carry out your duties excellently, it should come naturally. We are not success hungry youngsters because if success is a thing of the mind, as they say, then we are already successful.

After this, there would be so much more to do, I believe. So know that the appearances of duty, at this present time are nothing compared to our functions in the near future. So do not think any part of this difficult because the journey for everyone of us just started. Be ready to be stretched by no greater force than the excellence in your own spirit.

So welcome aboard earth’s safest carrier, towering limits far beyond the sky. Today we start a milestone journey to present a gift to a deserving generation. Think not this generation deserving? Look around you at the rest of us and you would see reasons why this generation is so special. So, friends, let’s work hard and smart.

Speak freely but bear in mind that we may not always knod in approval. I feel so much power in my guts writing these words to you, hope reading it makes you feel the pulse also. One day the world would thank us for trying and all our dreams would come true. Our success is as sure as breath so I’m in all the way. What say you?

Brian Oji

Project Coordinator