Monday, November 1, 2010

Greener Pastures Do Not Get Any Greener Than This!

I am a Nigerian and I laugh my lungs out when people are charging out of Nigeria, abroad in search of greener pastures. What? I tell you, any wise man would agree also that; greener pastures do not get any greener than this. And this is not another patriotic I love Nigeria pieces, even though I love Nigeria (who wouldn’t?) but the Nigerian economy and consumer market is one of the most supportive on planet earth. Nigerians have a golden buying behaviour which is the delight of anyone offering a good product. You know why? Nigerians do not necessarily buy to meet needs, they buy to keep in with vougue/trend. Trend is one of the greatest determinant of consumption. Nigerians buy for prestige and recognition and there is nothing wrong with that: it is our culture; it is our nature and we are proud of it. Some people buy only one shoe, one car, one house et al, Nigerians just keep buying as long as there is money to be spent! Priceless.

The average Nigerian is not tailored for austerity, it is foreign to him because austerity is only imposed by condition and is not supported by our innate nature. A Nigerian student would have four phones, a Nigerian business man would have twelve houses in the same city (and he is not into real estate). A Nigerian politician would have a fleet of over twenty five cars…my my, what a market! In foreign countries there is a lot of talk about credits and down payments but in Nigeria, that concept is relatively new; so when you see a Nigerian with houses, cars, clothes, phones et al, it is more likely that he bought it! No loans, credits and borrowing; cash down! When the rest of the world open stores, they advertise: “Credit facility available, come in and let’s talk.” The defiant Nigerian puts this: “No credit today, come tomorrow” and when you come tomorrow the same sign is still there!

For the manufacturer, seller, marketer and custodian of buyable goods, when you enter the Nigerian market I tell you, you have come home. If you doubt me, ask MTN, Nokia, Toyota, Samsung, Cocacola, Pepsi and so many more, that I would need a million paged book to mention.

Nigeria? It does not get any greener than this!

“Now let me bring your mind to how you can take advantage of this for yourself because you would never be taught this in school and sadly even the foreign motivational literature would not tell you this either, so apparently it is exclusive information so pay attention as I continue in part 2 of this article”

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