Monday, November 1, 2010

Waiting in Tomorrow

Napoleon Hill has put it most precisely for us all: Think and Grow Rich! As simple as that sounds, it is the greatest truth about the acquisition of wealth till date. Through the years this thought has been refined in volumes of books, journals and motivational speeches and I would hope to do the same, though from a different angle which I am sure would be very illuminating for you. First, come with me on a journey through history.

As it has been, so it is and ever shall be; though the last time you heard these words may have been at the close of a catholic mass after the benediction and followed with a thunderous -Amen- it is so true about success and wealth acquisition also. This truth makes it possible and even expedient for people to understand history and trends in a bid to predict the future. So, away with crystal balls, good luck charms and destiny altering portions, look at the world you live in, think and grow rich…very rich.

The most successful people in the world today are those who have perfected the art of what I call; waiting in tomorrow. How do they do this? The majority of people in the world and probably you (until you read this article) are waiting for the future while the top two percent in the ranks and file of success are waiting in it. Let me explain what I mean briefly: In primitive times, when the early man was fascinated to rub rocks together and get a spark from which they could develop a fire to either cook, light up their environment, warm themselves or even dance around for fun, some men were discovering Iron. Soon the rest got the hang of it and started putting together iron for different purposes. Iron was heavy and hazardous, so while some were enduring the accompanying stress of this new discovery and some others were cursing the heavens for such a burden of a resource, some were discovering Steel. Steel seemed to solve the problem of the world in its day but since that is not possible, it did not. But steel was good, very good. So the history recorded greats like Andrew Carnegie who made ‘magic’ with steel. Then came the multitude; steel, steel steel but not for long as some were off to use implements of steel and iron to dig the grand for yet another discovery of their tomorrow: Oil! John D. Rockafella. Does that name ring a bell, the richest man in the world in recorded history! He was waiting in tomorrow with oil when the rest of the world soon came for this bounty merchandise (Note, he did not discover oil, he packaged it for enterprise. And that is a very big point right there). Then came the oil booms that made several resource blessed countries, like my home country (Nigeria) rich but by then some were already off to tomorrow! What was in tomorrow? Information technology. In the last ten years, Williams (Bill) Gates has been the world’s richest man more often than not. When people were fighting for oil blocks (nothing wrong with that), and some others were bunkering oil, this way and that, he and some others were waiting in the future. Now everybody needs I.T solutions, interestingly even the oil bunkers!

The world is fast paced, around the world, mostly in developed countries I.T has gained its deserved recognition and I tell you it is an amazing field of endless possibilities. However in developing countries this industry is still picking up momentum and I tell you, if you have the faintest passion for I.T get in and get in now.

Also let me bring your mind to this interesting word called; Patience. Some feel patience is waiting today for a brighter tomorrow and there is nothing really wrong with that only that there is something better; let me suggest this to you, how about waiting in tomorrow for the rest the world to get there and ask you for directions when they come? Sounds to me like a better place to wait!

Observe, explore, notice, measure, anticipate, judge. Times change and trends take up large amounts of money from the pockets of many, my question to you is this who is going to offer the next trend? And who is going to be merely buying and gloating in the fa├žade of being trendy? Friends and readers, think and grow rich! Find something that would sell in tomorrow by discovering creative ways to improve what is available today or simply introducing something totally new and extremely useful. And if you live in a developing country, all the better! (???Check out my article titled; Greener pastures do not get any greener than these).

I wish you all the best in your life endeavours. Talk to you soon. Or you can talk to me, leave a comment below and we would have started a potentially super instrumental conversation.

Brian Oji.

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