Sunday, October 31, 2010

Greatness Sprouts Again!

The seed of greatness is in all of God’s children! The seed. A seed contains the full life capabilities of a fully matured tree in it; it is full of potential and when located in the right environment it must germinate! A seed does not produce the fruits of its physical environment whether soil, water or sunlight, it produces its intrinsic value, its innate framework, its inner substances. So it does not matter what you are faced with today, just keep in mind the quality of life that is within that seed that is growing in you. From platform to platform, unique opportunity to unique opportunity, challenge to challenge the seed is growing. Contrary winds would drive its roots deeper, supporting winds would stretch its branches farther… so for you no matter the time or season you are winning - the seed of greatness is in you and that seed would produce only after its own kind. Do not use careless words and alliances to dig up your sprouting seed rather with faith, perseverance, diligence and the consiousness of favour, live out a life of greatness on all sides. As the tree extends its roots and branches, the same quality of life is extended. Think about it, you can extend that greatness to all fronts of your life, what is in you is a seed of greatness so as you expand it in your family life, business, finances and other responsibilities, the same greatness runs through all that have to do with you! You can be great on all fronts - the seed of greatness is in you: the quality that makes all things you get involved with great is at work in you today. God, in Christ has put the seed of greatness in everyone of his kids. So next time you are about to take a leap forward in business and life, expect victories because that seed of greatness is about to extend yet another branch! Halleluyah! Thank Him for this great blessing.

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