Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Eastern PRIDE

Rulers and kings, not of nations and cities but of the jungle where civilization has been turned on its head and morality is foreign and perfectly unnatural. Aba, the local manufacturers’ paradise has been turned into a ghost town ruled by the barrel of guns; reduced to a land of fear, grief, immorality and sorrow. That is what happens when rulers fit only for the jungle begin ruling cities; even the greatest of cities would crumble in the embrace of sudden night. I have heard stories of despicable acts; sons forced to lie with their mothers at gun point, children having their intestines line the streets from radical, uncontrolled shooting by which these beasts in human skin assert dominance over their colonised territory.

You cruel pride of a demonic breed of blood thirsty lion-men with no hearts, I call you this day to reckon; the blood on your hands, the iniquity you have nurtured and your faulty excuses of unemployment would find you out and destroy you accordingly. Though my heart bleeds for your unborn descendants on whom you have placed an irrevocable curse, I also pray that their lives would right your wrongs and give this jungle its brighter days again. We have seen guns, we have seen kidnappings, we have seen violence, not that they are justifiable but they had a reason. In the Niger-delta, they fought for their rights and the dilapidation that embraces the source of the nation’s wealth, in the North many have fought in ignorant defense of religion; with more light and knowledge this should soon be history (because Northerners are very wonderful people), but this evil Pride, you operate in the commercial nerve centre of Abia state, the biggest indigenous manufacturers market in Nigeria, the centre of buying and selling for economic advantage and you chose to abandon both your shops and your schools to bushes where you romance wickedness and invite death and darkness to your own lands. I am amazed at your folly and I still ask you this question; to what end?

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