Monday, October 25, 2010

Heaven in your Heart

I just want you to know today that what you carry in your mind: that vision, that dream, the idea, the possibilities…are all too valuable. More valuable than one man’s idea or one man’s success story. That idea would bring solution to many, joy to many and opportunities to many more. What you carry in your heart is more than a vision, it is another man’s salvation. For you, you may have another great idea but for another, you carry his Heaven in your heart. Today, companies, large corporations, small businesses and sole proprietorships employ people in their thousands, hundreds, tens and less; these ones provide, not only salaries and compensation but also benefits of various quality.

When you think about the child who is excited to have his fees paid at school, or the mother excited about a new house; the man who can have his needs met, the woman who can live her style, when you think of comfort, healthcare, achievements, respect and recognition which is created for many by that great job or partnership, which you can provide some day, that turned their fortunes around, you would realize that you carry someone’s heaven in you. Project yourself into the future and see many others whom in your heart lives their source of wealth and prestige, see these ones who you carry their heaven in you.

Now you know you cannot give up on that dream or let that challenge overwhelm you because you carry heaven in you. Your idea would make you rich, but not you alone, so many others who your leadership style, your partnership offerings and market positioning is rightly suited for their wiring. You are the breakthrough many would pray for, you are the answer many would seek, the solution many would look to; the custodian of life changing collaborations and fortune multiplying partnerships, so hold your picture, you carry heaven in you.

Yes you may think a lot for other people and care enough not to leave them empty but know also that you carry your own heaven in you: the good life, your dream house, your perfect family, the prestige you both desire and deserve…all connected to that single idea, that vision that consumes you today or once consumed you yesterday. Now pick your hopes up, strengthen your vision, challenge yourself with the possibilities of the future and resolve to win; not just to give your best shot but to do what you must, to achieve what you see: that heaven that is alive in your heart.

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