Friday, October 22, 2010


I love sitting and listening to wise words; I believe great men and women are made by words. On 7th December 2008, I sat to listen to my favourite speaker in all the world: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome ( As always, his words were full of light and power; power to lift, strengthen and excite. Today I want to share some of his words from that meeting with you and I am sure that strength would come to your soul.

“You could be whatever you chose to be by the ability of the gospel of Jesus Christ. God’s perfect will is for you to decide. The Bible is a programmer. Know that the extent of your vision is the boundary of your blessing, accomplishment, victories and ultimately, your life. Do not let human judgment destroy your life and you despise no one because it does not matter what people say, anyone the Holy Spirit is pleased to dwell in is clean! And can be anything he wants to be.”

“When you study the Word of God, you are cleansed. To be cleansed before God is to have his word purify your soul. That word from God that melts guilt, fear, weakness and passed failures, replacing them with righteousness, faith and strength. The more of the spirit of God at work in you, the less the things of this world can affect you.”

Are you inspired? I am. Now I am thinking of releasing a journal titled; inspiration that would be loaded with words like these; words so precious; words that make ordinary men great!

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